Theromotherapies for Pain Treatment


Treat pain with thermotherapies

Moist compresses are among the oldest household remedies in the world. Whether in case of fever or sore throat – cold and warm compresses can bring relief for a wide variety of clinical conditions. The use of cold compresses to promote health was already recommended in the 19th century by the priest Sebastian Kneipp!

Helping the body to heal itself: Through the correct use of heat and cold, the immune system can be strengthened and complaints can be alleviated.

Warmth provides relaxation, while cold initially irritates our body to trigger a reaction. As soon as a cold stimulus touches the skin, the human body reacts with defensive measures to compensate for the loss of heat,e.g. by stimulating blood circulation!

The healing effects of cold

Cold can relieve pain, inhibit inflammation and relax the muscles. Alternating hot and cold showers can stimulate the immune system and provide more strength and vitality! But the cold can do even more: sports injuries, swelling or insect bites and acute pain can be alleviated with cold stimuli.

Did you know?

Humans have more cold than heat receptors. As soon as we come into contact with cold, the blood withdraws, the blood vessels contract and the nerves become sluggish.
The result: pain relief and relaxation of the muscles.