Negative Ions

The benefits of Negative Ions

They help your body neutralise the harmful effects of positive ions found in our every day environment e.g. in closed rooms, particularly in the vicinity of computers, WiFi, pollution, stress, and other modern devices.  Wellness Jewellery with negative ions are used by many athletes and health conscious people.  They combine the popular negative ions with the power of magnets for dual benefit.

How do they work?

Air, amongst other things, is filled with charged atoms or molecules, the so-called ions. When they contain more protons than electrons, they then have a positive charge. If they have more electrons than protons they will then have a negative charge.

Higher concentrations of negative ions of up to 50,000 per cm3 can be mainly found in the great outdoors, eg. In the vicinity of rivers and waterfalls, but also forests, mountains and interestingly enough even where lightening has struck.

  • Increasing Negative Ions create a very positive feeling.

  • Clean air give you energy and zest for life.

  • When showering the water drops are enriched with negative oxygen molecules.